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The musical publishing house was founded in Albese con Cassano, in the province of Como (Italy), in 1999.
For over 20 years it has specialised in the publication of editions of instrumental music and essays regarding musical topics of the 17th and 18th century taken from manuscripts and printed editions of the period.
It is an activity which bestows the utmost care together with an artisan approach to every manuscript, and was born of the immense passion of Alessandro Bares, the artistic director and editor, a professional musician with a solid philological culture, and who represents a point of reference for professional and amateur musicians, being able to offer contents which inspire, educate and entertain.

Our Publications

Bringing early music back to life

Musedita publications are diplomatic/interpretative editions, in the form of a full score with separate parts where requested.
All the editions are relatively economical and lend themselves readily to practical use for performers, being suitable for personal study, practice, recordings and concerts, thanks to the practical form of the scores and the separate parts available rapidly in PDF.
Thanks to the method ′Print on Demand′, it is possible to obtain a catalogue of the works of even the less well known composers.



Musedita Online Academy is a remote teaching service offering personalised courses. The lessons are held by Alessandro Bares, owner and artistic director of the publishing house, and specialises in the following subjects:
  • Musical word processing via Sibelius and/or Finale
  • Harmonic analysis
  • History of music
  • Ornamentation of 17th and 18th century music
Special services
Editing and transcription on commission for other publishing houses, theatres and musicians.
Realisation of the basso continuo on commission for professional or amateur musicians
Arrangement of pre-existing pieces for an ensemble which is different from the original one
Recovery from focal dystonia of the musician


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